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Discipline :

The aerobics is practised (by a woman or a man), in (mixed) duet, in trio or by group (of 6 gymnasts).

A competition of gymnastics aerobics contains a test of 1 min 45 (with a music of their choise) during which the gymnasts link together movements allying flexibility, balance and many other qualities.

Authorized dresses :

The girls wear generally a leo (with or without sleeves). They can however wear a bra shape and short, one short suit or a T-shirt near the body.
For international competitions, it is compulsory to wear flesh colored tights.

Dresses must be decent:
- The leo can't be with a plunging neckline (openings are forbidden below the breast and the shoulder blades)
- Transparent fabrics must be doubled
- The fine braces are also disadvised

Finally, please note that the floating "additions" are forbidden. Also, it is forbidden to use existing symbols and object real.

Concerning colors, the gymnasts are free. In case of competitions by group, the colors of leos can even be different .
The straws are allowed.

Finally, the gymnasts must wear only white shoes and socks.