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Important to know

Hanabira fits to your desires and proposes to create your dreamed design.

Once the design would be choosed, you could download it directly and easily in our website. You will receive a front view and a back view in a large size.

We imagine original designs in order you realize your leos, but we don't realize ourself leos.

In order to realize your leos, we propose you contacts of dressmaker. You can join them if you want.

Please keep in mind that we don't copy existing designs, that we don't have imagined. In this way, we don't make designs corresponding on the leo of a well-known gymnast or skater.

You can use FREELY the drawings of this website. However, don't use them in your website or blog without our permission.

If you make a leo corresponding to one of our designs, please send us a photo. It will be a pleasure for us to see it !

If you recognize a leo corresponding to one of our designs on a photo, please send us the photo or the link of the website. We will be very happy as well !

* Except designs realised specially for a dressmaker or a gymnast.